Photo of the Day for April 25, 2014

Spring flood, Vjeras’nitsa 2013.  Last year brought exceptional numbers of storks to the central Pripet (Prypjats’ – Прыпяць) area.  The prolonged spring flood obligingly created the conditions for a bumper number of tasty frogs.

Палеская паводка, Верасьніца 2013 год.

Photo of the Day for April 24, 2014

Spring flood in Polesia: River Moustva (Mastva), Tsjerablichy 2013.  The spring flood remains vital to the health of the Pripet Marshes, Europe’s most extensive wetlands, which have been heavily affected by “amelioration” campaigns (draining of wetlands and construction of dykes) starting in the 1960s and continuing today.

Палеская паводка:  рака Моўства (Маства), Цераблічы 2013 год.

Photo of the Day for April 23, 2014

Annual spring flood in the Pripet River (Prypjats’ – Прыпяць) basin of Polesia:  River Moustva (Mastva), Tsjerablichy 2013.  The extent of spring flooding depends mostly on the amount of winter rain and snowfall.  The spring 2013 flood was among the most extensive in recent years.

Палеская паводка:  рака Моўства (Маства), Цераблічы 2013 год.

Photos of the Day for April 22, 2014

Feast of the Resurrection, Easter Tuesday (Bright Tuesday), Al’homjel’ (Ohlamjel’) 2013.  Сьвяток Уваскрасеньня Хрыстовага, Альгомель (Огламель) 2013 год.

Stations of the Procession.  Хрэсны ход.

Blessing of the congregation.  Асьвячэньне вадой.

In my experience the parish choir in Al’homjel’ is one of the best in the Stolin District.  З майго вопыту прыходскі хор у Альгомелі адзін з найлепшых на Століншчыне.


Photo of the Day for April 21, 2014

Feast of the Resurrection, Al’homjel’ 2013.  Сьвяток Уваскрасеньня, Альпень 2013 год.

The celebration of Easter in the Orthodox parish of Al’homjel’ culminates in the feast of the Resurrection on Easter Tuesday (Bright Tuesday).

The village’s 1817 church of the Resurrection is a splendid example of Polesian wooden church architecture.  However, the church is too small to accommodate the large parish membership.  The parish thus uses its newer 1994 church for services.  Here, in a profound example of Christian and pre-Christian synchretism at the end of the service, parishioners kneel to let the icon borne at the head of the procession pass over them.

Easter / Вялікдзень

Christ is risen!  Happy Easter!

Хрыстус з мёртвых устаў!  Хрыстос уваскрос, Хрыстос уваскрос, Хрыстос уваскрос.  Са сьвятам!

In 2014 the western and eastern dates for Easter coincide.

Easter morning procession, Roman Catholic church of the Apostles Peter and Paul, Iuje 2012.  Велікодная працэсія, касьцёл Сьвятых апосталаў Пятра й Паўла, Іўе 2012 год.

Midnight procession, all-night Easter service, Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity, Azdamichy 2013.  After the priest makes the first announcement that Christ has risen, the parish circles the church (counterclockwise in the Orthodox tradition) three times before resuming the liturgy.  Паўночны хрэсны ход пры ўсяночнай службе, царква Сьвятой Тройцы, Аздамічы 2013 год.

Orthodox blessing of Easter bread at dawn on Easter morning, Azdamichy 2013.  Асьвячэньне кулічоў на прыканцы ўсяночнай службы, Аздамічы 2013 год.

Knocking Easter eggs, Tsjerablichy 2012.  In Tsjerablichy, Easter is celebrated as a three-day feast of the Resurrection.  Here Chesa and her brother Jahor engage in the traditional contest of knocking hard-boiled eggs to see whose egg will not crack.  Чэса й яе брат Ягор біюцца яйкамі пры трохдзённым сьвяткаваньні Ўваскрасеньня Хрыстовага, Цераблічы 2012 год.


Holy Saturday / Вялікая Субота

Preparing the church for Easter, Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, Azdamichy 2013.  On Holy Saturday parishioners gather to clean their church and decorate the interior with freshly-ironed covers and runners.

Падрыхтоўка да Вялікадня, царква Сьвятой Тройцы, Аздамічы 2013 год.

Blessing of Easter bread for Tsjerabljuki on Holy Saturday, Azdamichy 2013.  Here Father Aljaksandr blesses bread brought from the neighboring village of Tsjerablichy by parishioners who are unable to attend the all-night Easter service.  Tsjerablichy has now built its own church and as of 2014 Tsjerabljuki will have their bread blessed in their own village.

Асьвячэньне кулічоў для прыхаджанаў з Церабліч, Аздамічы 2013 год.  С 2014 года асьвячэньне для цераблюкоў адбудзецца ў новай царкве ў Цераблічах.

Good Friday / Вялікая Пятніца

In commemoration of Good Friday.  З нагоды Вялікай Пятніцы.

Stations of the Cross:  the Lamentation of Christ, church of the Archangel Michael, Bjelahruda 2014.  Крыжовы шлях:  Аплакваньне Хрыста, касьцёл Сьвятога Міхала Арханёла, Белагруда 2014 год.

Photo of the Day for April 17, 2014

Holy Thursday, Tsjerablichy 2012.  Вялікі чацьвер, Цераблічы 2012 год.

Photo of the Day for April 16, 2014

Portraits of Mjensk (part XV): Along the River S’vislach, April 2012.  Партрэты Менску (частка XV):  уздоўж р. Сьвіслач, красавік 2012 год.