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11 Responses to “Contact”

  1. vasil says:

    Дзякуй, вельмі прыемна было глядзець!
    менавіта гэта я люблю больш за ўсё у Беларусі.
    Thanks a lot, this what i like the most in Belarus!
    for any quastions use my mail

  2. Алена Шаліма says:

    Дзякуй вялікі, Джон. Вельмі прыемна было пазнаёміцца. Чакаем у Беларусі. мая старонка на,com_datsogallery/Itemid,74/catid,125/func,viewcategory/ і на znyata

  3. Ester De paz says:

    so beautiful photos.It looks like it didn’t change the last 100 years. what is your connection to Tereblichi?

    • johnkunstadter says:

      During the year I attend the major Orthodox church celebrations in the church of the Holy Trinity in Azdamichy, which serves Tsjerablichy as well. Through my contacts with parishioners from Tsjerablichy and through contacts with other Tsjerabljuki during my photography trips in the area I have come to know several families well.

  4. Василий says:

    Спасибо огромное за Ваш труд и отношение к Беларуси!

  5. Gregory Orloff says:

    Mr. Kunstadter, your website is a wonderful discovery. My grandparents were from Belarus (mother’s side, Vilnia and Kletsk regions; father’s side, Pinsk region), and I still know of relatives near Kletsk, through my maternal grandfather. Your photographs provide an evocative illustration of my family roots and ancestral homeland, capturing with remarkable sensitivity the spirit of the place and the humanity of its inhabitants. Вялікі дзякуй (Vialiki dziakuj) for taking such interest in humble, off-the-beaten-path Belarus and for sharing your photographic treasures with us!

    З павагаю (Z pavahaju),


    • johnkunstadter says:

      Mr. Orloff, thank you for your very kind words, interest in the site, and continuing attachment to Belarus. Спадар Грыша, вялікі дзякуй за Вашыя словы й падтрымку, ды за Вашую любоў да радзімы.

      Still waters run very deep in Belarus. Given your family roots in the Kletsk area, I will be pleased to move up to early June the planned series of photos from a photo expedition earlier this year to Kletsk District. Yours sincerely, JK

      • Gregory Orloff says:

        Вялікі дзякуй, JK! That would be a real treat. By the way, the last known relatives of my maternal grandfather in the Kletsk region lived in two villages: Babayevichy (Бабаевічы) and Hurnawshchyna (Гурнаўшчына). Keep up your wonderful work! Добрае дарогі!



        • johnkunstadter says:

          Thank you, Грышка! I will start a ten-day series on Kljetsk and Kljetsk District about June 7. Гурнаўшчына is one village over from Лецяшын, which has an oak allee remaining from the old Charnotski (Чарноцкі) family estate, and which I couldn’t visit in March for lack of time, but which is high on my list for next month, so there may be an opportunity to photograph the village. Likewise for Бабаевічы, which is on the road south from Kljetsk to the former Radziwill estate of Radzivilimonti (Радзівілімонты) or, as the Soviet occupiers subsequently re-named it, Красная Звязда.

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