Photo of the Day for June 14, 2017

Ploshchava 2012.

Плошчава 2012 г.


Photos of the Day for June 13, 2017

Crosses of Belarus (part LXX):  rare cemetery cross hewn from a single bough-section, Bizharavichy 2007-2017.

This cross was still in good shape when I first saw it in 2007.  However, the country-wide mania of cutting down cemetery trees hit Bizharavichy in 2014, and by late spring 2017 the last three years’ exposure to the elements had taken a disturbing toll.

Крыжы Беларусі (частка LXX):  занядбаная спадчына — рэдкі прыклад крыжа, рубленага з адзіночнага сука.  Біжаравічы 2007-2017 гг.

Крыж быў яшчэ ў адносна добрым стане, калі яго пабачыў упершыню ў 2007 г.  Хаця наступствы высячэньня дрэў на могілках ў 2014 г. былі бачныя, калі наведваў могілкі на пачатку чэрвеня 2017 г.









Photo of the Day for June 12, 2017

Vjalikija Jatsyny 2014.

Вялікія Яцыны 2014 г.


Photo of the Day for June 11, 2017

Rye field, Buda (Zhytkavichy District) 2012.

Жытнёвае поле, Буда (Жыткавіцкі раён) 2012 г.


Photo of the Day for June 10, 2017

River Islach near Kazaki 2014.  The Islach, a left-hand tributary of the Western Bjarezina (a main right-hand tributary of the Njoman), flows through Mjensk and Harodnja regions and is popular with kayakers.

Рака Іслач ля в. Казакі 2014 г.


Photo of the Day for June 9, 2017

Kitchen light, Tsjerablichy 2012.

Асьвятленьне ў кухні, Цераблічы 2012 г.


Photo of the Day for June 8, 2017

Hal’chuny 2014.

Гальчуны 2014 г.


Photo of the Day for June 7, 2017

Grain Fields near Chasnaki 2013.

Збожжавыя полі ля в. Часнакі 2013 г.


Photos of the Day for June 6, 2017

Patronal feast of the Holy Trinity, Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity, Azdamichy 2015.

Whereas Western churches now celebrate Trinity Sunday one week after Pentecost, the Orthodox church continues to celebrate Pentecost and Holy Trinity on the same day, seven Sundays after Easter.  In addition to the Pentecost/Trinity Sunday service, the Orthodox parish of the Holy Trinity in Azdamichy celebrates its patronal feast on Trinity Tuesday.









Photos of the Day for June 5, 2017

Tsjerablichy-Machul’ Road.  Дарога Цераблічы-Мачуль.

The cobblestone road between Tsjerablichy- and Machul’ was laid down in 1988, using stone from Volhynia (Ukraine) which villagers from Tsjerablichy broke up and laid themselves.  The rougher texture of the surface differed from the more closely-fitted surfaces of Polish-era cobblestone roads… 


Tsjerablichy-Machul’ road in 2007.

Дарога у 2007 г.


…However, it was a great pleasure to drive the tree-shaded stretch leading west from Tsjerablichy, stopping to greet acquaintances along the way:  Granddad Paulik (☦2011) with his wife and great-grandson 2007.

Дзед Паўлік (☦2011) з жонкай і праўнукам на дарозе Цераблічы-Мачуль 2007 г.


In 2011 the district authorities “modernized” the road by overlaying the cobblestones with a thin, characterless and soon crumbling surface of gravel and asphalt.

Tsjerablichy-Machul’ Road 2017.

Дарога Цераблічы-Мачуль 2017 г.