Photo of the Day for February 23, 2015

Smallholder farming in Polesia (part II):  preparing the ground.  Сапраўднае палескае фермерства (частка II):  студзеньская падрыхтоўка да сяўбы.  Цераблічы 2015 г.

In the same universal way of farmers, smallholders in Belarus never stop working their holdings.  Carefully-spaced piles of manure and the frames of hothouses (in which families grow cucumbers and other produce for export to the Moscow and St. Petersburg markets) are a familiar winter scene in the central Pripet (Prypjats’) Marshes area.

This time-honored, orderly Belarusian method of fertilizing is repeated in spring in the colder, more northerly regions of Belarus as smallholders prepare their plots in time and with natural fertilizer.

One can argue persuasively that without manure there would be no urban life, indeed no civilization.

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