Photos of the Day for August 7, 2017

Return visit to Ashmjany and surroundings 2017.

See also photos of the day for November 8-17, 2016.

Зноў на Ашмяншчыну 2017 г.

Гл. таксама фотаздымкі дня 8-17 лістапада 2016 г.



Ashmjany Roman Catholic cemetery (I/II).  Quiet and overgrown, the Roman Catholic cemetery is tucked into the folds of a hill on the north side of the district center of Ashmjany.

Рыма-каталіцкі могілкі (I/II).



Churches of Belarus (part CCIX):  cemetery chapel.

Касьцёлы Беларусі (частка CCIX):  капліца.





Graves from the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.









A school football field lies just beyond the cemetery.




Interesting and unusual surnames.

Цікавыя прозвішчы.





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