Photos of the Day for January 31, 2016

Preparation for 40th-day memorial service (panikhida) for Father Georgij Sapun, Pachapava 2016.

Father Georgij died December 13, 2015 after serving for more than sixty years as the Orthodox priest of the parishes of Pachapava and Vjalikaja Svarotva in western Belarus.  Through his tireless efforts the churches in both villages were restored:  see photos of the day for August 7, 2015.  On the table to the left of the candle stand are a special pudding with a cross formed from raisins (kuts’tsja), which participants in the memorial service will share in Father Georgij’s memory at the wake following the service; a loaf of bread from which the priest will cut a wedge during the memorial service; and a bag of commemorative sweets which participants will share in honor of Father Georgij.

Падрыхтоўка да паніхіды па айцу Георгію Сапуну, Пачапава 2016 г.  Айцец Георгій памёр пасьля больш за 60-гадовай службы сьвятарам прыходаў у Пачапаве й Вялікай Сваротве:  гл. таксама фотаздымкі дня 7-га жніўня 2015 г.


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