Photos of the Day for July 23, 2014

Road to Polesia.  Дарога на Палесьсе.

Eight years ago on a photo expedition to Polesia we had stopped to ask this granny about the road ahead.

Chyrvonaje 2006.  Чырвонае 2006 г.

On a subsequent journey I  stopped to give her an enlargement of one of the photos I had taken, and every time thereafter I would look out for her when passing through Chyrvonaje.  In 2011 her house burned down, and although for a while one could see hens in the yard and other signs that she had been able to recoup something, for the past two years the yard has looked forlorn.

While driving through Chyrvonaje this time, I caught sight of the granny sitting with her neighbor by the ruins of her house, and stopped to wish her well.

Chyrvonaje 2014.  Чырвонае 2014 г.

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