Photos of the Day for July 29, 2014

Road to Polesia.  Дарога на Палесьсе.

Storks’ Nest and Mrs. Paraskjeva’s Farmyard, Vjalikaje Maljeshava 2014.  Кубло над дваром спадарыні Параскевы, Вялікае Малешава 2014 г.

For as many years as I’ve travelled through Vjalikaje Maljeshava, this farmyard has hosted a large storks’ nest (e.g., photo of the day for January 5, 2013).  The winter of 2013-2013 brought the old nest down, but the returning stork pair has assiduously rebuilt its home over the past two years.  The owner of the homestead now greets me with a cheerful wave every time I stop to inquire after the storks and to photograph the nest.  One time when I passed the homestead this spring his wife, Paraskjeva, was busy feeding the hens in her orderly yard, and I asked if I could take her portrait.

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