Photos of the Day for July 31, 2014

Road to Polesia. Дарога на Палесьсе.

Village wedding, Azdamichy 2014.  Вясельле, Аздамічы 2014 г.

I always drive slowly along Azdamichy’s streets in order to be able to greet acquaintances and to make way for people going about their business and kids playing in the street.  This time, the sight of a large crowd at the side of the street brought me to a stop.  When people saw who I was they waved me over.  “It’s a wedding, go on into the yard!”  I demurred, asking how one could go in without an invitation.  Just then the bride’s mother came out and insisted that I join the party.

I entered the jam-packed yard just as the best man was undergoing a series of ritual trials with the maid of honor to the cheers of the crowd.

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