Photos of the Day for July 7, 2014

Special liturgy for members of the Brotherhood of St. Spyridon of Trimythous (Братэрства сьвяціцеля Спірыдона Трыміфунцкага, Братство святителя Спиридона Тримифунтского), Orthodox church of the Transfiguration, Zaslauje 2014.  Many members brought their children to attend the service.

Урачыстая літургія для сяброў-валанцёраў Братэрства сьвяціцеля Спірыдона Трыміфунцкага й для іх сем’яў, царква Праабражэньня Гасподняга, Заслаўе 2014.

Here a member gently but firmly instructs two boys on their role in a children’s performance at the end of the service.

Tending the candles is an important lay function in an Orthodox service.  Children are often eager, and encouraged by their parents, to carry out this task.

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  1. geraldine Kunstadter says:

    It is very touching to see what an important part religion plays in the lives of the Belarusians and how they engage their children at such an early age.

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