Photos of the Day for June 24, 2015

Polesian rhythms (part I):  letting the cows out to pasture.  Tsjerablichy 2015.  Палескія рытмы (частка І):  на пашу.  Цераблічы 2015 г.

Ownership of a cow, a source of protein and a hedge against crop failure, has traditionally been central to the health and survival of Belarusian small-holders.  Now, the number of privately-owned cows in Belarus continues to fall as younger generations choose to forego the chores of early-morning and late-evening milking and mucking out as well as the risks and uncertain results associated with insemination and breeding.

However, in the central Prypjats’ (Pripet) region of Polesia a fair number of families still own a cow, and the private production of milk remains an important source for the dairy-products industry.  From May (traditionally Orthodox St. George’s Day, May 6) until mid-October, after the early morning milking, Belarusian small-holders let their cows out to graze all day in common pastures.

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