Photos of the Day for June 29, 2015

Annual expedition to Panjamon’ (I/V).  Штогадовая экспедыцыя ў Панямонь (I/V).

Lying at the western edge of the Nalibaki Wilderness, the well-kept village of Panjamon’ sits on both banks of the River Njoman.  It is a favorite spot for anglers and for those who seek the timeless tranquility of its open oak grove and the sight of the many storks which nest there.

Every visit brings pleasant, often surprising, encounters with the village’s inhabitants.  As we entered the village this year, we could not help noticing the efforts of a young nanny goat hungry to get at the weekly newspaper.  Not wanting to distract her, we at first kept our distance, but approached to get a better angle when it became clear she would not be distracted from her task.

Галодная да навін.

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