Photos of the Day for May 31, 2011: Radaunitsa III / Радаўніца ІІІ

Radaunitsa III.  Радаўніца (частка ІІІ).

Incorporating deep pre-Christian rites, Radaunitsa is one of the most important festivals of the year to honor one’s forefathers.  The focus is on cleaning the graves of one’s forefathers and having them blessed by the local priest.  In most places, as here in the Central Polesian village of Azdamichy, Radaunitsa is celebrated on the Tuesday nine days after Orthodox Easter.

In the tree behind the group in the second photo one can see a traditional Polesian beehive, fashioned from part of a hollowed-out tree-trunk (калода – kaloda or борц – borts).

See also photos for May 30 and May 18, 2011.  Гл. таксама здымкі 30.05 і 18.05.2011.

Azdamichy 2011.  Аздамічы 2011 год.

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