Photos of the Day for October 3, 2017

Photo excursion to Ashmjany and Smarhon’ Districts 2017 (I/V):  Zaskavichy, Aljanjets, Zaljes’sje, Mikhnjevichy, Katy, Kjeuly, Vjasjen’njaja, Pasinki, Tsary, Sjaljets, Milidaushchyna, Rakautsy.

It happens all the time to the wanderer in Belarus.  One starts off with a travel aim — in this case to visit the former estate of Grand Duchy of Lithuania/Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth patriot and composer Mikhal Kleafas Ahinski in Zaljes’sje — and one ends up drawn to a wealth of other sites as well.

Фотавандроўка па Ашмянскім і Смаргоньскім раёнах 2017 г. (I/V):  Заскавічы, Алянец, Залесьсе, Міхневічы, Каты, Кеўлы, Вясеньняя, Пасінкі, Цары, Сялец, Мілідаўшчына, Ракаўцы.


Catching our eye as we passed through Zaskavichy, this Polish-era house in the Zakopane style of the early 1930s is just one example of the richness of Belarus’ architectural patrimony despite the Soviet and post-Soviet attempt to deny this patrimony or wipe it out.

Дом польскіх часоў у закапаньскім стылі.  Заскавічы.



Crossing from Ashmjany District into Smarhon’ District, we found this stately 19th century roadside shrine just off the main road through Aljanjets.

Прыдарожная каплічка 19-га ст.  Алянец.



Another example of a Polish-era house in the Zakopane style, this time in Zaljes’sje.

Іншы прыклад дома польскіх часоў у закапаньскім стылі.  Залесьсе.



Old wrought-iron gate.  Zaljes’sje.

Старая брама.  Залесьсе.

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