Photos of the Day for September 21, 2014

Polesian evening at the end of August.  Палескае вечаровае асьвятленьне на прыканцы жніўня.

One can tell by how clean they are that these cows are privately-owned.  Wanting to be milked, each cow knows her way home, but few can resist exasperating the herders by stopping for a last few bites of delicious grass.  Al’shany 2014.

Каровы дадому…але не без швенданьня за апошныя прываблівыя ўкусы травы.  Альшаны 2014 г.

Rain cloud on the horizon, Ramjel’-Machul’ road.  Дождж на гарызонце, дарога Рамель-Мачуль 2014.

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