Over This Quiet and Calm Land

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4 Responses to “Over This Quiet and Calm Land”

  1. Roseanna March says:

    Thank you for sharing these photographs. I just learned that my Great-grandmother, Rozalia Wilkowski, was from Przytyczno Manor. Your beautiful photographs help me to see what my Great-grandmother Rozalia saw there in Belarus. Do you have any photographs of Przytyczno manor and the land around it?
    Thank you again for these wonderful photographs.
    Roseanna March

    • johnkunstadter says:

      Dear Ms. March,

      Thank you very much for your kind e-mail. I have photos of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Prazaroki and views of the countryside near Prazaroki and would be pleased to e-mail you several images. However, I regret I have been unable to locate any Belarusan references to Prytyczno Manor. Neither my map of Vitsjebsk Region nor the Belarusan index of postal codes lists a town with a name similar to the Polish Przytyczno. I am going back to Belarus in several days and will ask some of my friends for suggestions on how to locate Przytyczno. Do you have any contact with the Polish Museum on the Near North Side? Perhaps someone there might know how you could get in touch with an archive or historical research institute in Warsaw or Lublin or another Polish city which might have a listing of former manors and estates in the area around Prazaroki. I wish you success in your search. Yours truly, John Kunstadter

  2. Andrej Kotljarchuk says:

    Dear John, thank you very much for your pictures of Polesie, especially the villages of Verasnitsa and Varonina. This is the places of my sweet childhood! My both parents from Turau and I have a lot of relatives in the surrounding area. Nice pictures! Andrej Kotljarchuk. Historian. Stockholm

    • johnkunstadter says:

      Спадар Андрэй,

      Вялікі дзякуй за ацэнку. Vjeras’nitsa, Varonina and other villages in the Central Prypjats’ region are like a second homeland for me. JK

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