Photo of the Day for January 13, 2018

Old-New Year’s Eve (shchadrets – шчадрэц), Tsjerablichy, January 13, 2017.

Shchadrets is a pre-Christian rite absorbed into the Christian tradition in Belarus.  In villages of the central Pripet area groups of carolers carry a star-shaped pinwheel from house to house, and sing to bring good fortune; the family in each house offers food or money.

Шчадрэц, Цераблічы 2017 г.


Tsjerablichy’s postwoman and church choir member Maryja (on the right) leads her brother and friends in a carol.

Паштальёнка й сьпявачка ў царкоўным хору Маруся (зправа) з братам і сяброўкамі шчадруюць у хаце Мішы й Веркі Наскевічаў.



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