Photos of the Day for August 15, 2017

Ausjamirava 2017.

On Trinity Sunday afternoon we made an excursion to visit the Orthodox church in Ausjamirava, a village off the beaten track in the central Pripet area northwest of Stolin.  The village itself held our attention, pleasantly slowing our approach to the church.

Аўсямірава 2017 г.



Crosses of Belarus (part LXXII).

The profusion of carefully-tended roadside crosses in Ausjamirava — of which these are only a sample — invites the wanderer to turn his visit into the stations of a pilgrimage.

Крыжы Беларусі (частка LXXII).







Sun symbol on gable.

Шчыт з сімвалам сонца.





Thatched roof in good condition.

Чаротавы дах.





Vegetable patch:  neat as a pin.

Палескі агарод.


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