Photos of the Day for June 25, 2015

Polesian rhythms (part II):  presentation in the temple (churching of Jelisjej).  Tsjerablichy 2015.  Палескія рытмы (частка ІІ):  прысьвячэньне Елісея Госпаду.  Цераблічы 2015 г.

The presentation of a newborn in the temple commemorates Mary and Joseph’s presentation of Jesus in the temple on the fortieth day after His birth (Luke 2.22-23).  The presentation (“churching”, or blessing of a mother and her newborn, in the Orthodox church) thus traditionally takes place on the fortieth day or thereafter at christening.  In Jelisjej’s case, he was christened on his 34th day (see photos of the day for February 14-21, 2015), and his parents deferred his presentation until May.

Father Vasil’ prays for Jelisjej and his mother in the narthex.

Father Vasil’  presents Jelisjej in the nave, then, since he is a boy, carries him around the altar behind the iconostasis, and emerges to place him on the floor in front of the principal door of the iconostasis.

Jelisjej’s mother Ljuda collects him and both are blessed by Father Vasil’.

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